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Jackson's Heroes

Born in the midst of WWll, Jackson Bostwick grew up reading the Golden Age comic books featuring Superman and Captain Marvel and watching the Lone Ranger on B&W television. The imagery and morals of those heroic characters were very influential in shaping Jackson’s life. Because of his starring role as Captain Marvel, Bostwick was able to meet American Heroes Buzz Aldrin, Clayton Moore, Kirk Alyn, and the father of his character’s name’s sake, CC Beck.

Young Jackson

Childhood / Family

Born the son of a neurosurgeon and Burdines Department Store model mother, Jackson’s early years were filled with much happiness, love, and support. Comfortable in either the swankiest of country clubs or camouflaged duck blinds, Jackson’s humble nature influenced his lifetime of career accomplishments and achievements.


Jackson attended the University of Alabama from 1961-1965 where he was classmates with future New York Jets Hall of Famer, “Broadway Joe Namath”, and Bear Bryant's first years at Alabama. After serving time in the Army, Bostwick then attended the University of Southern California, 1969-1973, as an original member of their Master of Fine Arts Theatre program. Both Jackson and “Three’s Company” star John Ritter, who was an undergraduate at the time, were both part of the theater classes at USC. 

Marion Parsons

Famed west coast photographer Marion Parsons took the head shots submitted by Jackson for his various auditions. Her work was used to land the role of Captain Marvel.


Meeting producer Robert Chanault on his very first interview on the final day of casting with the four finalists, (including Mark Harmon) (They had been looking for four months for a Captain Marvel) Jackson was selected on his first walk-in interview (when it's meant to be, it's meant to be...).

After auditioning against actors such as Mark Harmon, Jackson Bostwick won the lead role of Captain Marvel on the CBS Saturday Morning TV show, "Shazam!" The show debuted on September 7th, 1974 with Bostwick appearing in the first 17 episodes. Jackson is credited with engineering Captain Marvel’s seamless flight scenes, stunts, and suggesting to add the morals at the end of each episode.


Fan Letters

Some of the many fan letters for Captain Marvel.

Post Shazam!

After leaving the show Shazam!, Jackson continued to make personal appearances and was a huge hit at the Comic Con scene where he appeared alongside CC Beck, Kirk Alyn, Clayton Moore, and numerous other screen legends. National hero Buzz Aldrin co-hosted a major fundraising event with Jackson where the pair became lifelong friends. Continuing to work in Hollywood, Jackson appeared in 13 movies for Walt Disney studios including Gus, Secret of Lost Valley, and Tron. Besides appearing on screen, Jackson also did voice-over work. Jackson continues to be a working actor and is excited about the prospect of future projects.

Jackson financed his own independent films, Southern Fried Shakespeare (1991) and Blood Mary-Lite (2006) for which he produced and starred.

Recently completing the restoration of the Big Red Cheese Mobile, arranging the mementos for his virtual museum, finishing his autobiography, and preparing for the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the show Shazam! in 2024, Jackson is maintaining a very busy schedule.

As the “World’s Mightiest Mortal” and oldest actor to portray a Golden Age Super Hero, Jackson’s stature within the hobby continues to be elevated as he looks forward to continuing his tour of public speaking, corporate events, celebrity hunting/fishing/golf, and charity fundraising.

Big Red Cheese Mobile

Corresponding with the debut of the show Shazam!, Jackson Bostwick’s 1974 Chrysler Imperial was restored to serve as a monument to the Golden Age of Comics and a memorial to Captain Marvel. True to CC Beck’s vision of the character, the color was perfectly matched to the red of the heroes’ costume and the main Captain Marvel door figure was taken from a cover personally drawn by the creator.

Jackson Bostwick and the Big Red Cheese Mobile are available for personal appearances, fund raising events, and educational experiences.


Some items from a lifetime of experiences as Captain Marvel.

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